Sierra Snowkite

At Sierra Snowkite we strive to give you the knowledge and tools to take your winter sports to a whole new level. Snowkiting and kiting in general are enhancement sports. With a good foundation in snowsports, a love for the mountains, and a curiosity for the unknown, snowkiting will elevate your winter experience to all new heights. After skiing morning "Pow" at Sugar Bowl, drift on down to The Sierra Snowkite Center to explore the vast terrain of "endless powder turns with a twist." We hope to see you soon.

Sierra Snowkite School Director

Several years ago, while traveling, Tyler came across the new up and coming sport of kiteboarding. He was on a surf trip in Fiji. On one down day when the wind had picked up early and had kept most surfers on the beach, he noticed one guy way out on the reef getting wave after wave by himself. At this point he was sold...


Being a native from the Tahoe Area, Tyler quickly took his new love for kiting to the snow, and the sport he had grown up with, skiing. This became his new passion. Skiing with a kite!!! You no longer had to wait in lift line, compromise for tracked out powder, or be confined to a ski area. With the ability to go uphill and explore miles of new backcountry terrain, a newer 3 demensional sport became everything. For the years to come, Tyler would travel, compete, and spread the word about this new sport. 


Throughout his competition Tyler has done very well. In just his second year of competition, he won the North American Snowkite Tour. He also secured the overall Freestyle Tour Championship. In the following season, Tyler concentrated more on racing. He was able to win all of the races throughout the 2012 Tour. In addition, competing with the sports top athletes from Europe, he was named the Best Overall Rider at the 2012 Superfly Event in Utah.


Tyler plans to continue in his competition, but has more drive to share the sport of Snowkiting with others. The opening of The Sierra Snowkite Center is an oportunity that this sport, and Tyler have yet to see. Tyler and Sugar Bowl Resort plan to shed light on this amazing sport and give its participants a long awaited snowkitng area to enjoy. Come out and play!

Our Teaching Model

Here at Sierra Snowkite, we believe above all we should have fun. After all, we are all just playing in the snow. We believe the learning process should be relaxed, but effective. We believe that people succeed there most when in a comfortable fun environment. We have built our teaching model around this so you won't find any drill seargents here, just funny, easygoing folk, who want to kite.