Lesson Options

Sierra Snowkite Center offers a diverse range of snowkite lessons. Wether it's a mellow day of family kite flying, adapting your kiteboarding skills to the snow, or learning to ride endless powder, we have a lesson for you! 


All Snowkite Lesson Options are designed by North American Snowkite Tour Champion Tyler Brown. Tyler and the Sierra Snowkite staff have what it takes to bring your snowkiting dreams to life.


What to Bring


Dress just as if you were headed out to ski or snowboard. We recomend you wear layers because you want to be warm, but as soon as you get moving it's easy to overheat. Definitely wear waterproof clothing, ski or snowboard boots, gloves, helmet (required), goggles(sunglasses ok), and don't forget your skis or snowboard. Ski/ Snowboard/ Helmet rentals are available at the Mt. Judah Lodge, but make sure to leave ample time before your lesson to get your gear.

Intro to Kite Flying

This 1.5 hour course will teach you the basic fundamentals of kite flying, safety, and technique. Your first kite flying experience will be unforgettable! This lesson is for all ages, and is a great way to transition into the sport. 


Included in this lesson:


  • safety awareness
  • mountain wind theory
  • trainer kite set-up
  • launching and landing techniques
  • power management 
  • active steering techniques

$ 75

Learn to Snowkite

This lesson covers it all! Incorporating safety, theory, rigging, and technique. We will make you and independent snowkiter. Learn how to snowkite in just one day!!!


Included in this lesson:



  • safety awareness
  • mountain wind theory
  • equipment overview
  • 4 line kite rigging
  • launching and landing techniques
  • piloting techniques
  • power management
  • snow relaunching techniques
  • effective edging on skis or board
  • basic riding techniques
  • kiting uphill
  • help with future gear purchases
  • overview of other snowkiting locations

$ 350

Water Transition


We will show you how to take your kiteboarding skills to the snow. This lesson covers everything you will need to know to be safe snowkiter in all your great adventures to come. Save yourself the hassle & time, learn the tricks that will have you snowkiting like a pro on your first day.


 Included in this lesson:



  • safety awareness
  • mountain wind theory
  • self launching and landing
  • anchoring techniques
  • reverse launching
  • light wind/high elevation flying
  • kiting uphill/ looping
  • equipment modifications
  • additional snowkite tricks


*  lesson does not include kite rental. 

$ 125


We will coach you on all areas of snowkiting as needed. We will work with you 1 on 1. whether its working on basics or teaching you new advanced tricks, we will get you where you want to be. Price is hourly.(minimum 2 hrs)

$ 150

Backcountry Adventures

We provide a wide variety of backcountry guiding throughout the Sierras and beyond. All trips are taylored to fit your needs. Trips can be anywhere from an afternoon adventure, to multi week kiting explorations. Contact us today to plan your next adventure!